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MACOM is an IT product and service company backed by Manappuram Group.

MACOM Connects BUSINESSES, Customizes SOLUTIONS, Congruences EXPERIENCES, and Contributes to TECHNOLOGY.

Why Macom ?

MACOM has nearly two decades of experience in providing cost-effective and high-quality IT solutions and has a proven technology serving thousands of branches across India. The company offers a portfolio of comprehensive product suites and services for different verticals. MACOM places high premium on quality and innovation. MACOM has the distinction of introducing many technological innovations for the NBFC sector setting an example for all other NBFCs in India to follow with its impeccable track record and affordable pricing MACOM has successfully built a group of highly satisfied clients. Know About Us

  • bsi certification
  • MACOM has been certified by BSI to
    ISO 27001:2013 under certificate number IS 740703

Energizing Technology

A new operational model is necessary for the sustainable growth; it must be intelligently driven by customer-centricity. We support a number of services and help fill the technology gaps within Organizations. For that, We utilize prominent technical processes to build up solutions which are reformed to Services.

Mobile Application Development
Software Development

Custom software development services using Innovative and Exotic technologies. Our software development meets seamless project requirements and business needs.

Mobile Application Development
Web Application & Development

Crafting creative and effective applications and websites that are most useful to your businesses. We use the finest element that help the business to elevate its brand presence in the web space.

Mobile Application Development
Mobile Application Development

We have a cross platform for creating Mobile applications that functions perfectly with any spectrum of devices and online platforms. Our experts cover an entire cycle of application design, integration, and management services.

Mobile Application Development
Desktop Application

We engage in designing and building Desktop applications that involve Visual Basic development, VB.NET development, ASP.NET development, JAVA Development – Swing and other technologies.

Mobile Application Development
Search Engine Optimisation

The services that have been prevalent in the market to enrapture search engines to glorify business prospects are SEO services. Google, Yahoo, Bing are most emphasized for gathering information about almost everything.

Innovating Solutions

Curate your businesses unleashing the Emerged Technologies, through the Innovating Solutions we provide. We take pride in providing the best of software solutions for our Clients, developed using the latest technology. Here's some of our most-concentrated Financial and Non-Financial IT Solutions which might help your organization to solve out.

MACOM | Innovating Solutions


Tailor-made product for NBFC, Nidhi Company that will increase your efficiency of business.



A comprehensive and flexible software product engineered and perfected by MACOM.



Built and crafted for pharmacies, this software helps to seamlessly manage inventory.



A tailor-made product which is perfectly designed to meet the unique requirements.


Featuring Macom

Macom has been concerned towards Technical Innovations since it's birth. It has been delivering impeccable services to firms and continues contributing to Stringent Emerging Technologies. We serve enumerable Clients to achieve Organizational Profitability by utilizing the complete support of our Resources and Workforce.

  • 10+ Successful Years
  • 20+ Brilliant Teams
  • 1000+ Completed Projects
  • 14+ Satisfied Clients
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    Improving the accuracy of the key operations of businesses with ease in usage of modules. Therefore, An apparent flow is executed through work processes to achieve such easiness.